An integrated approach to ground engineering is vital to providing a well-planned, efficient and profitable development.  At Geo-Integrity we can help you to ensure:-

  •  Site Characterization is undertaken properly by carrying out a site investigation to BS5930 or BS10175.
  • Waste Management of soil is undertaken to minimise the disposal of soils to landfill, reducing your costs and increasing your sustainability.
  •  Contaminated Land (human health and groundwater) risks have been properly assessed under the legislative regime that applies (usually Planning).
  • Geotechnical aspects of the development have been properly designed to minimise expenditure while satisfying regulators (NHBC, Building Control)

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Services Offered

  • Phase 1 Desk Study
  • Mineral Resource Assessment
  • Coal Mining Risk Assessment
  • Initial Site Conceptual Models (Source-Pathway-Receptor Linkage)
  • Phase 2 Site Investigation
  • Trial Pits
  • Window Sampling Boreholes
  • Cable Percussion Boreholes
  • Rotary Boreholes
  • Groundwater and ground gas monitoring
  • Geotechnical Testing
  • Contaminated Land Testing
  • Waste Classification Testing 
  • Waste Acceptance Criteria Testing (WAC)
  • Piling Risk Assessment 
  • Materials Management Plans (MMPs) to CL:AIRE DoW CoP 
  • Earthworks Verification and Advice
  • Allowable bearing pressure advice
  • Foundation advice
  • Aggressive ground to concrete (BRE SD1)
  • Slope Stability anaylsis
  • Controlled Water Risk Assessment (EA RTM Guidance)
  • Human Health Risk Assessment (CLEA)
  • Regulatory negotiation of contaminated land conditions (LA, EA, NHBC etc)
  • Preparation of remedial strategy
  • Preparation of contaminated land verification reports
  • Evaluation of gas protection measures
  • Validation of gas protection measures (C735)

About Us

A geotechnical and geo-environmental consultancy based in Central England with easy access to all areas.  Based on 20+ years of varied industry experience, we offer value for money, personal service, pragmatic advice, honesty, diligence and integrity.


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Geo-Integrity are a member of the Association of Geotechnical and Geo-Environmental Specialists