28. November 2019
RPS 211 (or regulatory position statement 211) has applied to businesses who deal with excavated waste from unplanned utilities installation and repair works, but it is being withdrawn next year on 30th April 2020. The document has allowed companies producing a small amount of waste (<10m3) from the above activities to dispose of that waste as non-hazardous by default, without having to test and classify it beforehand. The kinds of waste types that have been covered include (but are not...

08. November 2019
Here at Geo-Integrity Ltd. we have undertaken many basement impact assessment covering underground car parks to hotels to private homes from Oxfordshire to Surrey to Central London

18. October 2019
We are happy at Geo-Integrity to announce our renewed sponsorship of Buckingham RFC for another year; up to level 6 and rockin' it, C'mon you Rangers!!

08. October 2019
Here at Geo-Integrity we have undertaken many piling risk assessments across Oxfordshire, The Cotswolds, The West Midlands and East Anglia. We have to assess the proposed piling or ground improvement methodology in conjunction with the site geology and the type of contamination encountered

20. September 2019
We recently undertook a combination of plate load tests and boreholes at a Government facility between Abingdon and Oxford, in Oxfordshire. This was to check the ground bearing capacity to ensure that a planned crane lift had competent strata to work off. The point loads on the crane legs were a maximum of 60T, giving a pressure of 100kN/m2 beneath the spreader plates. We carried out plate bearing tests at the location of each crane foot and a borehole in each location to ensure that no soft...

17. September 2019
With the Rugby World Cup just round the corner, we are proud to announce our continued sponsorship of Buckingham Rugby Clubs U15 girls team this year. Rugby is such a great game to teach kids discipline, will, teamwork, respect and self-confidence - all in a safe and enjoyable environment.

09. September 2019
BS8485:2015 is the British Standard that covers the design and installation of gas protection membranes within new buildings. These guard against carbon dioxide, methane and other gases entering buildings, collecting in poorly ventilated areas and either causing an explosive, toxic or asphyxiation risk. Ground gases can be caused by a wide range of sources; include natural soils, brownfield site contamination or nearby landfill sites or buried waste. Their possible existence is likely to be...

16. August 2019
It's quite an experience carrying out plate load tests with a camera in your face and a drone buzzing around your head!! 

08. August 2019
We recently had a new experience in using a sonic drilling rig for our site investigation for the first time. We had previously drilled with a conventional cable percussion rig, but were unable to progress past 10m below ground level, due to bands of strong mudstone within the ground. A basement swimming pool and gym are being planned at the site, and so, deeper information was required to aid pile design. Unlike the conventional cable percussion rig, which works by dropping heavy weights into...

29. July 2019
We can undertake plate load testing if required. This is an in-situ soil test, carried out during site investigations, that is designed to establish soil load/settlement characteristics. The test is carried out either to BS1377 1990:Part 9 or can be undertaken to a specification set out in The Highways Agency HD25/95. The test comprises loading a metal plate using a hydraulic jack and measuring the settlement of the plate using three separate settlement gauges. The loading can either be...

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