Geo-Integrity Helping Bridge the Gap between Academic Learning and Professional Practice

We attended an out-reach session at Worcester Sixth Form College yesterday for Geology, Geography and Environmental Science 'A' level students from Stourbridge, Worcester, Ross-on-Wye and Hereford.  We chatted to students from the four different groups over the day (as well as their teachers) about geotechnical and geoenvironmental site investigation and how our careers have progressed over time.


We feel that practicing engineering geologists connecting with A-level students for career advice is crucial. These interactions inspire the next generation, showcasing the dynamic and impactful nature of geology in engineering projects. It provides students with real-world insights, clarifying potential career paths and required skills. Such engagement helps bridge the gap between academic learning and professional practice, ensuring students make informed decisions about their futures. Moreover, it fosters a passion for geology, promoting STEM education and encouraging diversity in the field. Ultimately, this guidance can lead to a well-prepared, enthusiastic workforce equipped to address future engineering and environmental challenges.


Well done to Portsmouth University for organising the day and , as discussed, we are happy to liase with individual schools , or indeed companies, if you would like us to give a lunchtime CPD talk or similar.  Contact us using this link.



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