Services Offered

  • Phase 1 Desk Study
  • Coal Mining Risk Assessment
  • Historical Map Searches
  • Initial Site Conceptual Models (Source-Pathway-Receptor Linkage)
  • Literature Search
  • Phase 2 Site Investigation
  • Trial Pits
  • Window Sampling Boreholes
  • Cable Percussion Boreholes
  • Rotary Boreholes
  • Groundwater and ground gas monitoring
  • Geotechnical Testing
  • Contaminated Land Testing
  • Waste Classification Testing 
  • Waste Acceptance Criteria Testing (WAC) 
  • Materials Management Plans (MMPs) to CL:AIRE DoW CoP 
  • Earthworks Verification and Advice
  • Allowable bearing pressure advice
  • Foundation advice
  • Aggressive ground to concrete (BRE SD1)
  • Slope Stability anaylsis
  • Controlled Water Risk Assessment (EA RTM Guidance)
  • Human Health Risk Assessment (CLEA)
  • Regulatory negotiation of contaminated land conditions (LA, EA, NHBC etc)
  • Preparation of remedial strategies
  • Preparation of contaminated land verification reports
  • Evaluation of gas protection measures

Site Characterisation

According to the Institute of Civil Engineers, 60% of legal construction claims are related to ground conditions and certainly huge cost savings can be gained when ground engineering is well organised.  A thoroughly researched Phase 1 desk-study, followed by properly designed and planned Phase 2 site investigation is vital to all cost-effective developments. 

Geo-Integrity’s regional experience of ground conditions, brownfield sites and potential geo-hazards ideally places us to help you deliver these cost savings.

Waste Management

Environmental sustainability and value engineering within the construction industry is of growing importance.  Excavated soils (contaminated or not), blacktop or demolition aggregate on a site are all waste materials that can be re-used, either on or off site, rather than disposed of, to drastically reduce your expenditure.

Here at Geo-Integrity we are experienced in using Materials Management Plans (MMPs) to manage waste soils under the CL:AIRE Code of Practice and the Environmental Law qualifications of our senior staff means we are conversant with the Environmental Permitting Regulations 2016.

CORRECT classification of waste soils and zoning of your site will again reduce your costs and ensure your Duty of Care responsibilities are discharged correctly.  Geo-Integrity will sample, zone and classify your waste soils using Environment Agency Guidance (WM3) and Waste Acceptance Criteria (WAC) testing

Contaminated Land

Increasing emphasis on the planning regime to regulate contaminated land means that as a builder, developer, engineer or planning consultant you need an experienced and pragmatic consultant to help you satisfy your planning conditions or pre-planning requirements.  Also with the proposed advent of the National Quality Mark Scheme (NQMS) for self-regulation of contaminated land reports, you need a consultant who is sufficiently certified to be considered a “Suitably Qualified Person” (SQP).

Here at Geo-Integrity we have grown up with the contaminated land regime and our senior staff have, as well as 20 years + experience in the industry, qualifications in both Environmental and Waste Management Law and Contaminated Land Risk Assessment.  This ideally places us to provide you with timely, pragmatic, great value, CORRECT advice. 


Geo-hazards within the UK, either natural or man-made, are surprisingly common.  Slope instability; Chalk solution features and collapsing ground; clay subsidence and heave of foundations; running sands; hazardous ground gases (Methane,CO2, Radon); deep compressible ground (old clay borrow pits or alluvium); high groundwater flow zones; old coal mining instability and shafts; and instability of relic glacial soils.  Failed foundations and groundworks can cost £100K’s to replace and improve and initial identification of these conditions can save time, money and potentially lives.  Contact us on 07858 367 125 and let us help you.

About Us

A geo-environmental consultancy based in Central England with easy access to all areas.  Based on 20+ years of varied industry experience, we offer value for money, personal service, pragmatic advice, honesty, diligence and integrity.


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