Contaminated Land Investigations

Have you ever had a planning condition like this:-


"No development shall take place until a site investigation of the nature and extent of contamination has been carried out in accordance with a methodology which has previously been submitted to and approved in writing by the local planning authority. The results of the site investigation shall be made available to the local planning authority before any development begins."


Increasing emphasis on the planning regime to regulate contaminated land means that as a builder, developer, engineer or planning consultant you need an experienced and pragmatic consultant to help you satisfy your planning conditions or pre-planning requirements.


Here at Geo-Integrity we have grown up with the contaminated land regime and our senior staff have, as well as 20 years + experience in the industry, qualifications in both Environmental and Waste Management Law and Contaminated Land Risk Assessment.  This ideally places us to provide you with timely, pragmatic, great value, CORRECT advice. 


We undertake Phase 1 desk studies, Phase 2 intrusive contaminated land investigations, Remediation Method Statement Reports and Verification/Validation Reports; along with providing you valuable advice at all stages.  We cover all areas from Buckinghamshire and Northampton, across Oxfordshire and the Cotswolds, towards Bedfordshire and East Anglia, London and the South-East and Birmingham and the West Midlands.


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Recent quote from a Senior Environmental Protection Officer working for a Local Authority:-


"I agree with the conclusions of the environmental consultant that no further investigation or remediation is required. In essence the site is suitable for residential use as it stands. I would like to add that Geo-Integrity did an excellent investigation and the information was well presented. Very refreshing."