Government Consultation On Changes To Planning Policy To Boost Brownfield Land Development

Following on from our article in February we know learn that the UK government is looking to alter national planning policy with regards to brownfield land development.  Their consultation on strengthening planning policy for brownfield land development marks a pivotal opportunity to address critical issues surrounding urban regeneration, housing affordability, and environmental sustainability in the UK. Brownfield sites, characterized by their previous industrial or commercial use, hold immense potential for redevelopment, offering a solution to the housing shortage crisis while simultaneously promoting sustainable land use practices.


Developing brownfield land encounters several significant obstacles, particularly related to previous contamination and poor ground conditions, as well as the extra expenses required to initiate projects (such as planning delays/costs and remedial work). Collectively, these impediments can decrease the appeal of brownfield sites, particularly for SMEs, many of which depend on small urban sites for their business operations. In some cases, these burdens may jeopardize the feasibility of development and prevent sites from reaching their full development potential or being developed at all.


It was stated during the consultation that all local planning authorities are expected to further prioritize the benefits of constructing as many homes as possible. They must also be willing to be flexible in implementing policies or guidance concerning the internal layout of developments, particularly for proposals involving brownfield land.


Furthermore, for the 20 towns and cities that undergo urban uplift, if their Housing Delivery Test score falls to 95% or below (it currently stands at 75%), the presumption in favour of sustainable development on previously developed land would be applicable.


Ultimately, by soliciting input from stakeholders and proposing strategic reforms to planning policy, the UK government aims to unlock the full potential of brownfield sites as catalysts for inclusive, resilient, and sustainable urban development.


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