Continuted Professional Development Talks

We recently provided a presentation to a valued client on a range of topics for their staff and graduate training programme. We enjoy reaching out to our colleagues across the industry, and if you think a short lunchtime CPD talk or seminar would be beneficial to your team, please let us know and we would be happy to visit.  Our telephone number is 01280 816409 or drop us an email on


Alternatively should you wish to visit our new offices in Westbury near Brackley we would be happy to buy you a coffee at the local village cafe, give you a tour and demonstrate our methods and capabilities.


Over the next couple of weeks we will give you a flavour of the talk we gave, but if you have any specific topics that you are interested in and if we can help you, we are happy to tailor a CPD talk specifically for you.  Look forward to hearing from you.


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