New Desk Study Data Acquired

We're always looking to improve our knowledge and database here at Geo-Integrity.  Today we have received the back catalogue from the Chelsea Speleological Society, covering caves, deneholes, tunnels and mines in East Anglia, The South, South Wales and London and the Southeast.


The society was formed years ago in London for cavers, but has expanded over the years and has many members across the country.  They map and document their explorations into tunnels, caves, mines and deneholes across the country, and it is these documents that we have acquired.  We now have a record of many features that have the capacity to cause sink holes or ground instability to developments from Kent to Surrey, East Anglia to South Wales.  This helps us to produce good quality Phase 1 desk study reports; better target our site investigations and gives us a better understanding of the ground beneath our feet.  This allows us to provide you with a good quality, good value geotechnical report.

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