What is Plate Load Testing?

We can undertake plate load testing if required.  This is an in-situ soil test, carried out during site investigations, that is designed to establish soil load/settlement characteristics.

The test is carried out either to BS1377 1990:Part 9 or can be undertaken to a specification set out in The Highways Agency HD25/95.

The test comprises loading a metal plate using a hydraulic jack and measuring the settlement of the plate using three separate settlement gauges.  The loading can either be undertaken continuously with regular settlement readings being taken; or undertaken until a certain settlement has been reached to gauge the load required to achieve it.  The test can give you various parameters including Modulus of sub-grade reaction (K), settlement/load curves, soil strength and also equivalent CBR, and is a valuable in-situ test, particularly in large paved areas (car parks etc), for the design of industrial floor slabs, for spread footing loads and anticipated settlement on granular or chalky soils and for establishing in-situ CBR values for road thickness design. 


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