What are Basement Impact Assessments?

The construction of basements has become more popular over the past two decades, due to a number of factors including the price of urban land and property and better construction techniques.  However, Local Authority regulators have concerns, where such developments are planned, that adverse effects to groundwater, land stability, geotechnical conditions, structural stability of adjacent buildings/structures or local flooding may occur.


As such, many Local Authorities (particularly in Central London) have produced detailed guidance for geotechnical and structural assessments that are required prior to (or as part of) planning permission.  Such assessments start with a desk based analysis of local geology, hydrology and hydrogeology, local history, nearby infrastructure, and other factors that could effect the development.  Following on from this an intrusive survey is usually required to assess the ground conditions and soil strength, groundwater level and flow and hydraulic properties of the soil.  All these investigations are specified to be undertaken by a suitably qualified Chartered Geologist. Where a structural impact assessment is required we liaise closely with the clients Structural Engineer to ensure all elements covered off.


Here at Geo-Integrity Ltd.  we have undertaken many basement impact assessment covering underground car parks to hotels to private homes from Oxfordshire to Surrey to Central London (and all point in between).  If you require any advice on Basement Impact Assessments please send to this email or call Murray on 07858 367 125



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