What is Remediation Verification Sampling?

We have recently undertaken remediation verification sampling at a site near the A5 on the Leicestershire/Northamptonshire border, located between Rugby, Leicester and Northampton.


As part of the Local Planning Authority permission there had been a pre-commencement condition requiring a contaminated land site investigation and risk assessment.  This was to be undertaken in accordance with the standards of DEFRA’s and the Environment Agency’s Model Procedures for the Management of Contaminated Land (CLR 11), British Standard BS 10175 and CIRIA C665 guidance.  The purpose was to determine the extent and nature of any contamination on site.


A Phase I Desk Study and Phase II Site Investigation had previously been conducted on this site in the summer of 2020 by Geo-Integrity, and had highlighted patches of contamination within the Made Ground on site, therefore there was a need for remediation in these impacted areas.



We produced a remediation method statement (RMS) in autumn 2020, and have recently been called back for a site visit to carried out verification and validation sampling. The objectives of our site visit was to ensure that the remedial measures previously outlined in the RMS had been followed and the impacted Made Ground has been removed to eliminate the risk of contamination to end-users of the site.  This was demonstrated through laboratory testing of the samples that the underlying natural soils of the Charmouth Mudstone Formation had not been impacted by this localised contamination and by physical examination that all impacted soils had been removed. 




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