Slope Stability Analysis

Here at Geo-Integrity we can undertake assessment of the stability of both existing slopes and man-made cuttings or embankments.  Many of our clients projects include the creation of entirely new slope profiles through imported soil earthwork embankments and/or steepening of existing slopes though cuttings.


We recently undertook a project in Bedfordshire, on West Melbury Marly Chalk, where we were asked to check stability on designed slopes across the site.  Using laboratory testing on collected samples and our specialist software package we were able to confirm the designed slope angles would be safe under a variety of potential climatic conditions.  This is important went designing earthworks structures against the possible future effects of climate change.


In addition, we have also undertaken many investigations across the Cotswolds, Northamptonshire and Buckinghamshire where differing soil profiles (eg interbedded sands, clays and limestones); past geological and climatic processes (eg previous ice age, solifluction and soil creep/erosion); and/or proposed developments (eg retaining walls, cuttings and over-steppended slopes) had lead to potentially unstable slopes.


Through a combination of low-cost site inspections, topographical surveying with our in-house Trimble equipment, remote sensing, ground investigation and sample testing we are able to provide assurance of safe slope angles of repose, and indication if slope instability is a possible issue, and if so we can lead our clients towards what mitigating measures can be undertaken to combat the possibly costly geo-hazard.

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