Waste Soil Classification

Here at Geo-Integrity we undertake waste classification on in-situ soils, stockpile soil samples and other construction materials, such as blacktop and asbestos, in order to classify your site-won materials if they require disposal.


Our Engineers are trained in identifying and advising on many aspects of waste classification, such as:


  • When is Waste a waste, or not a waste?
  • Testing requirements on volumes of material required by the Environment Agency or Local Planning Authorities.
  • Identification of Inert waste, Non-hazardous waste, Stable non-reactive Hazardous waste and Hazardous waste, along with Standard Rate or Lower Rate Landfill Tax advice.
  • Advice on cost-effective management procedures to minimise the generation of waste,  such as the DoW:CoP (CL:AIRE)
  • Safe re-use of site-won materials for no-waste and zero waste sites.

Excavation on site, for foundations or services for example, will produce waste soil and other waste streams.  As a waste producer you will have a duty of care under section 34 of the Environmental Protection Act 1990 to ensure, amongst other things that these wastes are correctly stored, classified, handled only by an authorised person and disposed of properly.


To aid with these obligations we utilise industry leading classification technology and laboratories to undertake both the Stage 1 Hazard Assessment Screen, to establish whether the sampled soils should be considered as either hazardous or non-hazardous waste. This classification process is in line with the Environment Agency’s guidance WM3 “Guidance on the classification and assessment of waste”, 2021.  We also have in-depth expertise in providing complete waste classification by means of Stage 2; WAC tests (Waste Acceptance Criteria Testing).


Here at Geo-Integrity our staff have backgrounds in Environmental and Waste Management Law and can provide in-depth advice on sites big and small across England.  If we can help give us a call on 01280 816409 or email us at info@geo-integrity.co.uk

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