Why you need a UXO Risk Assessment for your Proposed Development

A World War 2 bomb exploded in Great Yarmouth recently.  The 250kg unexploded device was discovered last Tuesday (7 February) off Southtown Road where the Bam Farrans joint venture is building a new lift bridge across the River Yare.  British Army EOD engineers were attempting to remotely defuze the large German bomb in Norfolk when the weapon unexpectedly detonated  last Friday (10 February)  on the west side bank of the River, no-one was injured. The moment was captured on video by a Norfolk Police drone and is shown below.


This incident underlines why undertaking preliminary UXO risk assessment is a vital part of any Phase 1 Desk Study and Site Investigations.  Here at Geo-Integrity we can arrange such reports with our trusted partners and include the information within our full comprehensive Phase 1 Desk Study, which you are likely to need for Contaminated Land Planning Conditions.


If you need any help with UXO risk assessment or anything else please call on 07858 367 125 or email us by pressing this link.

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