Geotechnical Investigations for Electrical Vehicle (EV) Charging Points

There are now more than 61,000 charge point connectors across the UK in over 22,000 locations - that's more public places to charge than petrol stations!


Geotechnical investigations are crucial for the successful installation of electrical vehicle (EV) charging points. These studies assess soil composition, stability, and bearing capacity, ensuring a solid foundation for infrastructure. The investigations determine factors like soil type, moisture content, and geological conditions, influencing the design and construction of charging stations. Engineers use this information to choose appropriate foundation designs, preventing settling or structural issues. In areas with variable soil conditions, geotechnical data aids in selecting suitable construction materials and techniques. Accurate geotechnical assessments contribute to the longevity and reliability of EV charging point installations, safeguarding against potential ground-related challenges.



Geo-Integrity Ltd recently undertook an investigation near Manchester for a Pulse EV Hub and we are getting more and more enquiries for similar developments.  We can assist in undertaking ground investigations and providing efficient reporting to aid in planning conditions or design requirements for proposed installations of new rapid (43 kW) charging points, at commercial premises or forecourts for use by staff or customers.  Give us a call on 01280 816409 or drop us an email on this link

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