Investigation of PV Solar Farms

Here at Geo-integrity we can undertake low intrusive Geotechnical Ground Investigations for Solar Farms and ground mounted PV panels, across a wide range of sites.

Dependant on site size, investigations could be completed within days, with preliminary design information available following the completion of the works.

Geo-Integrity utilises a wide range of dynamic mobile plant to identify ground conditions, including the load bearing capacity of the sub-strata, groundwater depths and identify possible risks to the longevity of the ground-mounted solar PV installation.


Possible risks can include;


  • Desiccated soils where trees or mature vegetation has historically influenced the soils
  • Slope instability, landslides and soil creep on inclined ground
  • Soft soils where Alluvium and/or Peat are encountered
  • Made Ground soils in areas of previous development 

These risks can cause differential settlement and listing/tilting of ground-mounted solar PV installation and result in a non-optimal energy storage efficiency, or damage to the panels themselves.

There is also the infrastructure linking the solar farm to roads, and the drainage of hardstanding areas.  These also need design and we can complete the CBR, Plate Load and BRE365 soakaway tests that may be required by your civils designer.  


Dependant on the ground conditions present on your site, we can advise the best, most sustainable and most cost-effective foundation and pavement designs for your site. Typical foundations can include drive piles, helical piles, earth screws, or ballasted foundations.   If we can help please call 07858 367 125 or tap on this link to send an email

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